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Scripts for file processing and analysis in phylogenomics & phylogeography


All code within the PIrANHA v0.4a4 repository is available “AS IS” under a 3-Clause BSD license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


If you use scripts from this repository as part of your published research, I require that you cite the repository as follows (also see DOI information below):

Alternatively, please provide the following link to this software repository in your manuscript:


The DOI for PIrANHA, via Zenodo, is as follows: DOI. Here are some examples of citing PIrANHA using the DOI:

Bagley, J.C. 2020. PIrANHA v0.4a4. GitHub package, Available at:

Bagley, J.C. 2020. PIrANHA. Zenodo, Available at:


For additional information on this distribution, including pipelines, installation, capabilities, etc., please see the documentation given in the PIrANHA wiki!!!